Torvus Bog (GwenCS Remix​)​[​Single Mix]

by Gwendolyn Christian

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This here is the single mix of a remix of the Torvus Bog music, which I've had in varying forms on my hard drive for over a year now. I've been wanting to put this out since I originally finished it, but I'm glad I didn't, since it's in a much better form now than it was when I had it a year ago.

Look forward to an EP in the future, of this and several other original tracks, possibly some remixes. This single version will be free here on Bandcamp as well as on Soundcloud, although the EP will probably cost like, a dollar or two, I dunno. I might make the EP free with a suggested price, I'm not sure yet. Look for it around April. Also, I've got two other EPs, one of chiptunes and one of original lo-fi alt-rock that actually are finished and will be up possibly around the same time, or whenever I finally get to uploading them.


released March 14, 2014
Kenji Yamamoto - original track composition
Gwyndollwn Christian - rearrangement, remixing, etc.




Gwendolyn Christian Sebring, Florida

I make music. I also play video games. Sometimes I even make video game music! Follow me on Twitter for depressed ramblings and whining about stuff!

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