Hermaphroditus EP

by GwenCS

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This EP was originally written, recorded, and produced within the span of two weeks in late November/early December of 2013. The original recordings, after sitting for about 6 or 7 months, were scrapped, due to sounding horribly shitty (I blame the drum recording process), and everything was rerecorded to prepare for an official release. It is a concept EP based on the Greek Myth of Hermaphroditus, hence the name.

Originally, I was going to try to pass off the sub-par recordings as a "lo-fi" release, with the terrible production meant more as an artistic statement than anything. Then I realized what a stupid idea that was. So, in mid-July of 2014, I redid everything. Those who listened to the original demos before this might notice that this release sounds lower than the other. At the time I was recording this, my guitars were all set up for D Standard tuning for another project, and I didn't want to re-set up everything back up to standard, so I just went with it. I also utilized drum programming instead of live drums, as my drum recording setup is piss poor right now.

As is usual with my concept works (seeing as this is the first to be officially released it's something you'll be introduced to), there are certain "themes" running between the tracks that are meant to add continuity. Chord progressions, melodies, etc. Just keep an ear out for recurring themes. Also, there is a concept behind the production. This EP was recorded and produced as though it were being cut on an old 16-track console in the 70s, then recorded onto a 2-track tape machine, mastered digitally, then cut to 7" vinyl, and finally ripped from said vinyl. In essence, production-wise it sounds like an album done in the 70s, digitally remastered and reissued on 7" vinyl, then ripped from said vinyl and distributed on CD. This means that you should hear the tape/record noise fade in and out at the beginning and end of each "side" of the album. The songwriting sounds nothing like anything from the 70s, and is more alternative-metal than anything from the 70s, but the production sounds like it was done in the 70s. And yes, I do hope to one day do a limited vinyl release. I haven't the funds for it now, but maybe one day.

All in all, listening to it now, the songwriting stands out even better than it did on the original recordings. I still think it sounds better in standard tuning, since it was written in standard and written mostly around E Minor, so harmonically it sounds incredibly different, but I'd rather put out something that is much more well-produced than the piece of shit I attempted to market.

As a final note: anyone who is interested in hearing more of the alternative side of this project over the metal side, keep watch over the next several weeks (maybe, I've been known to say that and end up not delivering). Also, this is technically the inaugural release by Polybius Recordings, my personal record label. There was a single back in March, but this is the first official album/EP release on the label.


released September 7, 2014

All songwriting, engineering, recording, and producing by Gwyndollwn Christian.

Released 2014 by Polybius Recordings
Catalog Number: PRA-001
Running Time: approx. 14 minutes




Gwendolyn Christian Sebring, Florida

I make music. I also play video games. Sometimes I even make video game music! Follow me on Twitter for depressed ramblings and whining about stuff!

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