For Eternity (Single Mix)

by Gwendolyn Christian

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This is the original mix of a song on my upcoming album. I found out the 20th of November is International Transgender Day of Remembrance, and since I'm transgender, I figured why not release a single to commemorate it? It's free of course.

The song was originally going to be the b-side to the title track on the album before I got the idea to do the album, they were gonna be a one-off single, and I had them both recorded and mastered and everything. Since I decided to go for an album however, they'll be getting rerecorded and remixed, for a hopeful release on 10 February 2015. I don't want to wait almost 3 months to put this song out though, it's probably the best song on the album and the original mix is damn near perfection (subjectively; it's miles ahead of anything else I've ever done), so I picked this one for the single.

It's an original track, like I said it's probably one of the best songs I've ever written, if not the best. I'm normally humble (if not incredibly negatively critical) about my own work but dammit I can't say enough good about this song.

Catalog number: PRS-002


released November 20, 2014
Written, engineered, and produced by Gwendolyn Christian




Gwendolyn Christian Sebring, Florida

I make music. I also play video games. Sometimes I even make video game music! Follow me on Twitter for depressed ramblings and whining about stuff!

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